About us

Who's behind Picosmo?

Behind Picosmo are two creative minds with a passion for photography and extraordinary motifs.

Head and heart of Picosmo is founder and entrepreneur Volker Kettenbach, who has combined his passion for photography with his many years of experience in founding and developing Internet companies.

Volker_Kettenbach "At Picosmo we offer our customers exceptional motifs.
Away from the mass market, towards the individual mural in gallery quality."

He is inspired by his wife Jasmin Kettenbach, who brings in her diverse experience in international business. Together they form a dynamic team that supports and complements each other creatively and technically.

Jasmin "Photographs and murals give a room a wonderful atmosphere and a sense of home."


Based in Wiesbaden, the Hessian capital, Picosmo's goal is to bring gallery quality murals into the living rooms of the world. Everything comes from one source, all genuine Picosmo, to offer you a unique shopping experience.


We love photography

As passionate hobby photographers it is our personal concern to create exclusive wall pictures in gallery quality for you. We choose the motifs for Picosmo with a sure eye for the extraordinary: No standard pictures, but special angles and motifs, which have to meet our high demands on the uniqueness of the picture quality and the artistic value. We offer our clients authentic art at affordable prices.

In addition, Picosmo wants to offer young and unknown photographers the opportunity to make their works of art accessible to a wide audience. Thus the most different experiences and impressions arrive by the camera lens of the photographers, as a gallery print directly into your living room.


Our quality promise

Your picture - your decision: Choose a motif, the appropriate dimensions and one of our five high-quality designs. Each Picosmo picture is individually produced for you in Germany by a carefully selected partner. Many of the production steps are still real manual work. In combination with modern printing technology we achieve the best print quality for your mural.

Irrespective of the choice of material, we guarantee excellent image quality for all our carrier materials. If you would like to learn more about our materials, please click here. >here< ! Our goal is to provide you with gallery quality prints. By constant control we guarantee you not only a unique mural, but also in top quality.


Our customer service

If you are unsure - give us a call! We have the right answer to your questions. We support and advise you on all topics - from the purchase process to the selection of motifs.

You can reach us by e-mail, telephone or simply by using our contact form.